Monday 19 December 2011

Unit Finished - Reaver Jetbikes

The Reaver Jetbikes were one of the main reasons I fell in love with the new Dark Eldar range. The whole lot is pretty top notch, but I remember, during Games Day UK a few years back, being blown away by the bikes. (more pics after the jump)

Group shot! The large scenic bases will probably screw me over in the future but I think it's worth it.

I've always loved Jetbikes, and finally here were some that looked totally badass!
As cool as the miniatures are, and as cool they are on the tabletop, painting them has been a real chore. I'm not sure why. Too big to be infantry but not big enough to get away with the larger brushes I use on vehicles maybe?

The white stripes down the canopy of 2 of the bikes pick out those with special weapons. It makes them easier to see on the battlefield.

The snow was still drying when I took these photos. I couldn't remember how I mixed the snow for the first batch months ago, so hopefully they all fit!

Part of me thinks I should have illuminated the street lamp wit an LED. The other part of me isn't mad.

Detail shot of the display. This guy is checking his twitter feed as he's riding along. How irresponsible!

Either way, the bikes were one of the first things I started on for this army but it's taken me a while to finish this unit.


Turlogh OBrien said...

What colour did you use to paint the dark eldar skin?

Rob said...

It's Dheneb Stone, then a light wash of Asurmen Blue, then stone again, then stone mixed with some white for the highlights.

That Guy said...

Another good way to tell certain units apart,(finifhes up one of the wythch units, blue hair!) Thanks...

JustGhant said...

Very good work. Love the bases. Reavers are the next project I'm working on this week. Can't wait.