Thursday 29 December 2011

Talos WIP - 2

Did everyone have a good Christmas? I hope so!
Like many of you I'm sure, this was an opportunity to start (another) army project. Santa-cron was incredibly generous this year, and now I have an entire Necron force to assemble and paint.
Unlike my Dark Eldar, I'll be trying to speed my way through the unliving automatons, with a quick, basic colour scheme. Before I break out the plastic glue, I've been messing about with army lists and plotting the best way to exterminate all life from the galaxy.
The silver faceplate and red colour scheme kinda reminds me of Iron Man's Silver Centurion armour.
Don't worry though, my Dark Eldar are still very much on the paint table. Here's some progress I've been making on my Talos.


That Guy said...

Well, I opted to build my own talos out of a carnifex... Weird. But its good to see your doing one justice with the red, it works, and may attract shots for better or worse on the table-top

Rob said...

Yeah, I can't say I'm expecting him to have a very long life expectancy, but the miniature is too cool not to take!