Sunday 7 November 2010

Skaven unit fillers

I had an excellent idea to batch paint 20 clan rats at once. While I must admit that painting the final bits of their bases and ranking them up, finished, one by one at the end was very satisfying, I don't think I'll be doing it again. Working on that many at once sapped my will to paint a little, so in the end I think doing them in batches of 10 or maybe even 5 would get me through them a little better.

Anyways, my first 500 points is now fully painted! I will attempt to get a group shot of them when the lighting is better, but for now I'm moving on to assemble more of the little rats, including making some unit fillers to bulk out the clan rats a little.

The "holes" should look a little better with sand applied to the bases, I hope.


redmanphill said...

I find that painting in batches of six to be the best. With a regiment of twenty it means three normal batches and then a fast one at the end to really get the motivation up again. Five is fine but thats four batches and for me doesn't leave me hungry to do much more.

Having two models left at the end also means that you get to leave the command to last and lavish some extra attention onto them!

Andrew K said...

As I'm not having any Giant Rats in my army, I've taken to using the dozens that come in the Battalion box on the bases of my models. I'll do the same for the unit fillers, so it should look like there's a carpet of rats under everyone's feet.