Friday 5 November 2010

Postcards from Commorragh

Well, I got a big box of stuff through the mail today. Mmmm, lovely new pointed eared warriors to do my bidding. The codex is lovely, as are the kits. I'm just browsing through it and pondering what direction to go in at the moment. It's quite liberating to come to an army completely fresh, with no preconceptions about unit types or background!

For the miniatures, I'm going all plastic. Same as my Skaven. Harlequins don't count because I already own some, and Fighters/Bombers don't count because they're resin and, er, because I said so.

Anyway, I've got plans for various conversions.

Wracks from ghouls is fairly standard and I might make myself a unit, but will probably shy away from going too far in the direction of the homunculus. Mostly because the artwork in the book for the wracks and grotesques look cool, so I wanna see what GW comes out with in wave 2.

Homunculi themselves shouldn't be too tough. I made an evil science doctor type chaos space marine a while ago, and I think the same principles should work for the space elves.

I'll proxy one before I decide if it has a place in my army, but a talos counts as from a wraithlord kit seems like an idea that may not be horrible.

I fancy trying some incubi, but not sure how to go about making some. Warriors with modified hellion helglaves, maybe? Dark Elf Cold One knight heads, and some greenstuff cloaks? Hmmm. Something to think about.

For leaders and special characters, Lady Malys sounds fun. Whether I use her or a generic Archon remains to be seen, but she'll certainly be the inspiration behind the looks of my HQ. I'm thinking a spare demonette for the torso/upper legs, with a greenstuff cloak covering up the demonic side of things. Kind of regal looking. I've got some spare eldar guardian legs that can work for her boots/lower legs, and then should have plenty of spare heads/arms from the main kits. I shall have to make like the homunculi, and start putting bits together to see what works best.

Finally, reading through the unit description for the Court of the Archon, anyone else think Sslyth = Laer? Their physical description sounds about the same, and the whole falling prey to excess sounds about right too.


Andrew K said...

I'm going with a Haemonculi Coven army, complete with corpse-adorned Raiders. Probably need to wait a bit, but ordered Warriors and Rakarth to get me by. Painting a purple warrior but not convinced yet - going to try a dark blue one next!

Don't go too far covering up the daemonic bits - Lady Malys has a sinister side!

Rob said...

Might it be fun if someone were to convert some wracks/grotesques/haemonculi/beastmasters for Christmas? :D