Saturday 13 November 2010

Countdown to Apocalypse

I've been gearing up for a huge Apocalypse game on Sunday. It's looking like we'll have about 21,000 points on each side, plus super heavies (We're balancing the heavies separately after an incident last year involving too many stompas). Quite exciting as this will be my first Apocalypse game ever!
I'm bringing about 3k of Iron Hands, along with an Eldar reserves force (in case anyone doesn't show up and we need extra bodies to balance the sides).
My marines don't get much play time these days, because we have quite a hefty lot of Imperial players at our club. I'm not a big fan of same faction vs same faction fighting (unless it makes sense from a fluff perspective, which admittedly isn't terribly hard to justify in the 41st millennium). It's fine now and then, but with all the marines players at the club it's more fun to bring along one of my other forces on game night.

With that in mind, it'll be good to see them in action again. I believe we should have representatives from a few of the other major chapters, with Raven Guard, Blood Angels, Ultramarines as well as a contingent (Regiment? Detachment?) of the Mordian Iron Guard (oh, and some Tau and my aforementioned Craftworlders as well). On the opposing side we've got a massive amount of Orks, Chaos, and probably some Dark Eldar.

I managed to paint up a new dreadnought for the occasion. He has yet to be named. Any suggestions?

I also got around to assembling the Forge World Phoenix Bomber that I've had on my shelf for way too long. It has no paint so here's a dramatic silhouette shot so you can't see it properly.

I've got a few hours painting time left to try and get Fake Lysander finished, too. I want to see how many stompas he can hammer his way through.

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