Thursday 28 August 2014

Necrons - Full army shots

Well, here they are. While they're not my best work and far from my favourite army I have to say they look pretty nice all laid out together. Sorry for the less than great photos, I was in a bit of a rush when I took these so some are kind of crappy. If you click through the "necron" tag you can probably find better photos of individual miniatures and units.

As I mentioned in past posts, I'm getting rid of these guys. I have too many armies and the desire to play and paint more with the Necrons isn't so strong, so I hope they can find a better home. My friend will be selling them for me, and he's in the States (rather than here in Japan with me) so shipping will be from America. If you're interested contact him here.

The whole army. Click for big, and a few more pics after the jump...

Scarabs...once ate an entire squadron of 3 Leman  Russes. Good times.

Immortals plus their Crypteks

Considering how overwhelmingly terrible this thing has performed for me in it's lifetime, it's no surprise that the only picture I have of it is out of focus.

20 Warriors, Cryptek and Overlord with a rez orb. These guys can take a punch.

My favourite unit. Once assassinated a Wraithknight in a singe salvo of incredibly lucky dice rolling.


greggles said...

Sorry to see you selling the army, but I understand your reasons! Regardless, I really like the purple highlights and details on these guys!

Rob said...

Yeah, it's sad to let them go but realistically I have too many projects on the go.
Purple goes with everything ;)