Saturday, 18 June 2011

40k Musical Cosplay

Chinese Warhammer 40k cosplay? Also a musical? Sisters of Battle, a working chainsword, and a singing Inquisitor?
I'll just leave these here.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Favourite miniature of all time?

I still keep in contact with my club back home, and there's a topic in the forums entitled "What is your all time favourite miniature and why?"
Well, I can never resist a good topic like that so I put my thinking hat on. How to pick? So many awesome figures.

I gave this some serious thought and managed to narrow it down to 3. That's the best I can do!
First up is...

Favourite Fantasy Figure
Wood Elf Waywatcher Lord

This guy just oozes badass-ness. I still maintain the Wood Elves have some of the coolest character figures in the game. I've got 500 points of them that have been sitting around waiting for me to give them some paint for years, but I have yet to rise to the challenge. I've always loved the traditional Elf-with-bow archetype, and Fantasy Wood Elves pull this off nicely. Look at that figure. He's just shot you through the eye from 8 miles away, and before you can hit the floor he's going to do the same to all your friends. All because you looked at that tree funnily.

Favourite 40k Figure
This was a tough one! Some close calls here, so honourable mention goes to Boss Snikrot and the Harlequin Death Jester but my pick is going with a newer figure. A really new one!

Dark Eldar Scourges

These pictures from GW look cool, but honestly don't do them justice. They are such 3 dimensional figures, full of movement and with great presence due to the impressive wings. Plus they're a plastic kit, so you've got pose-ability, options, and a sense of uniqueness to each one. Easy to work with and convert as well. Aside from all that, they just look awesome. They make Swooping Hawks cry themselves to sleep at night because they'll never be this stylish.

Favourite Classic Figure or Best Over All
You wanted some nostalgia, here it is.

Space Ork Freebootaz. Not my own figures by the way, just something I found on google. Click to go to the source.
Specifically the Kaptin on the right, but the Cybork on the left is pretty cool too. Full of first edition flavour, this guy is part of what helped me fall in love with 40k in the first place. He's an Ork who's dressed as a pirate captain, has a massive power klaw and a gun made up of several smaller guns bolted together. Oh, and he's smoking a cigar. What more do you want?

Friday, 10 June 2011

Haemonculi - not enough arms

I've posted about my plastic Haemonculi before. I was fairly content to leave them as they were. Not terribly exciting, but they would do the job. I've not been using them in my lists, but figure I might in the future so it was nice to have a few available.

The Talos kit is pretty fantastic. I've been told a lot of the parts are compatible with the Grotesques, but what got me excited were the small arms and other little bits that were on the frames. You can't really see it on GW's pictures, because all the little arms are tucked away under the Talos.

I took these parts and started glueing. It's a not a major difference from how she looked before, but the change in the miniature's profile really makes the mad surgeon stand out, I think.

She's also got me much more excited to paint her. Amazing what a difference a couple of extra arms can make!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

First game in Japan; Javier's Blood Angels

On Saturday I met up with Javier at the Jinbouchou store for my first game of 40k since landing in Japan.
He arrived with his beautifully painted Blood Angel army, putting my mostly unpainted Dark Eldar to shame. I got some shots of his force, because you all crave as many pictures as possible. I know I do!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Games Workshop Japan - Part Two

Gratuitous Grey Knight shot to lure people in!

As promised, here's part two. Pretty much just an image dump this time of stuff from the Jinboucho store.