Thursday 2 June 2011

Games Workshop Japan - Part Two

Gratuitous Grey Knight shot to lure people in!

As promised, here's part two. Pretty much just an image dump this time of stuff from the Jinboucho store.

Assault on Black Reach set on display outside the store. White Scars!

They get a lot of flak but a well painted Ultramarine army looks great.

It's pretty tough to fight off the desire to start a Warriors of Chaos army. Especially now I can get this dude in resin instead of horrible metal. Yes, Finecast. Topical!

Just some cool scenery

Lord of the Rings too

Undead are a popular. They get everywhere!

Edit:Forgot to mention that a lot of the pictures in this post and the previous were taken by my GF. Taking photos through glass cabinets is tough, and I don't have the steadiest of hands.

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Unknown said...

The stuff I dig the most in G.W is the scenery. The models everyone has seen before but scenery is always different from store to store depending how it has been built and customised. Some nice stuff there.