Friday 15 August 2014

Battle Report: Bu'Kuro Sept Tau vs Yme Loc Eldar

I rolled some dice today and also took some (poor quality) pictures. 2 (mostly) painted armies fighting it out over (mostly) painted terrain. That's what this game is all about!

We played 1750 using the Maelstrom mission cards. I really enjoy using that mission type. Very fun and dynamic and really changes the flow of 40k. I won't bother typing out army lists because this isn't really very in depth but I can if anyone is interested.

Broadsides survey the Eldar flank.

Longstrike takes a pot shot at the distant Wave Serpent but the Eldar shields prove effective

Fire Warriors and Stealth Suits unload into advancing Scorpions.

The mighty Riptide fails to do much of anything at all while a Crisis Team precision deep strikes into enemy lines

The Night Spinner survives however and the Crisis Suits jump into the nearby ruins

Kroot, chilling out on an objective, having a pretty good day

With no other troops nearby, the Pathfinders are forced to break from cover and run for an objective...

Eldar air superiority

The Pathfinders find someone waiting for them on the objective

pew pew pew

Invisible Wraithguard survived about 2 turns of fire from most of the Tau infantry

The Tau Commander and his bodyguard team deepstrike down to bypass the serpent shields from behind. Boom!

The remaining Wraithguard assault the Pathfinders. No one was quite sure what exactly was going on.

The Riptide finally does something useful and brings down the Nightwing

The Tau Commander stages a fighting retreat from the Autarch and his Warp Spiders. He was not very successful and died shortly after this photo.

The game ended in a Tau victory. I got lucky with objectives early in the game and the Warp Spiders suffered a mishap that kept them out of most of the game. Good fun!

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DimmyK said...

Looks like it was a great game. Love your gritty Tau!