Thursday 30 December 2010

Haemonculi Coven Raider

A quick rummage through this blog's archives will present you with the following obvious fact; I jump about between a lot of 40k armies. My brother is quite the opposite. Since just before 5th ed hit, he's been running his ever faithful Salamanders. He's dabbled in a few others (Death Guard, Flesh Tearers) but never strayed far from the power armour.
After he expressed an interest in the idea of a Haemonculi Coven army, I jumped on the chance. After all, I always like the opportunity to face something new across the tabletop. Fusing it with my need for Christmas gift ideas, I produced the following.

Quite expensive for a basic raider if you wanted to replicate this across a whole army, but I do like the way the pile of bodies replacing the sail changes the look of it. I imagine it hovering slowly through mists, Dark Eldar throwing bodies into it to be transported back to the laboratories of Commoragh.

What's a Haemonculi Coven without a Haemonculus? I had this guy left over from the Corpse cart kit, and didn't want him to go to waste. He's obviously a Haemonculus that hasn't yet mastered the art of floating around looking regal.


Cursed13 said...

Nice conversion of the raider, looks suitably grotesque. That Haemonculus though is simply awesome. Probably the best Haemonculus I've seen, besides Urien Rakarth. I wanna see them painted.

Rob said...

I will endeavour to persuade my brother to paint them asap, and then take pictures