Monday 20 December 2010

Dark Eldar colour scheme tests

The DE raider is a pretty cool kit. Lots of options, and the guys hanging off the side can be a great source of bits. They're also really useful to use as guinea pigs for colour scheme experiments.

I've been back and forth on how I want my DE to look. I wanted to avoid purple as I have a few purple armies kicking about already. I'd probably avoid green too, as my skaven use that as their main colour. I narrowed it down to the following 3 schemes. All of which are, admittedly, slightly sloppy (bad priming for one) but they should get the idea across.


Pros: Yellow is pretty striking. Yellow is pretty unique as well, so I'm less likely to run into someone else with a similar army.
Cons: Took ages. Painting yellow is a pain and I don't the way I did it looks that good. Painting yellow on the smooth flat vehicles will probably drive me insane.


Pros: Looks the most vibrant of the 3 in real life. Scheme would be very easy to do on vehicles as well as infantry.
Cons: Fairly standard looking DE scheme, perhaps? No distinction between the clothy bits and the armoury bits like there is on the other 2 tests, but I can always play around with that I suppose.


Pros: Red and black looks suitably evil, I think. Contrasts nicely with the bright hair colours that will be dotted about the army too.
Cons: Very similar to my Dark Elf scheme, if and when I decide to pick them up again. Even with foundation paints, getting a smooth red on vehicles might be a challenge?

Anyway, what do you guys think? Which is your favourite?


MCT said...

You could use the dark scheme for the warriors and the red scheme for the Whyches, or maybe there could be a middle ground between the two?

Andrew K said...

Red all the way for me. Mix mechrite red in to your red of choice and you'll get a nice smooth coat - or spray gun it.

MCT said...

Yeah I agree of Red now. all DE armies are going with black, be unique rob, be unique