Friday 13 January 2012

Unit Finished - Talos

This guy took me ages. All the vials, bones, fleshy bits, it just seemed to go on forever. Of course, now he's done, I want to do another one.

I'm normally pretty careful while painting, but this guy ended up with quite a few accidental fingerprints during his paint job.
More pictures after the jump!

Heat Lances for cracking open vehicles. Large claws for cracking open heads.

Hi! Nice to meet you! I'll probably be dying the first turn of every game I play!

No one can quite remember who NAX was or why he ended up enslaved and modified into a horrific mobile torture monster, but everyone agrees he probably asked for it.


redmanphill said...

Looks really good Rob

Unknown said...

Looking really cool man. You thought of making the carapace a bit dirtier? I cannot imagine stuff been that clean in a Haemy's lab!

Rob said...

Thanks guys!
My Haemonculus actually suffers from obsessive compulsive cleaning disorder and thus everything coming from her labs is immaculate. Just because you spend all day cutting limbs off people and sewing them onto different people doesn't mean you don't have standards.

Seriously though, if I dirtied up the talos I'd have to dirty up the rest of the army and that would drive me mad ;D

The GunGrave said...

Very nice paint job mate. Its a cracking model, and i think you've done it justice!

I have to agree with you, i would prefer my DE to be clean (if i had any that is!)