Sunday 29 January 2012

Necron Scarab base fillers?

When I start any new army (or even just think about starting), I like to do my research. While I don't take everything I read at face value, it's always good to see other people's take on things. Anyway, if you fulfil the dual criteria of 1) being alive and 2) being on the internet you'll know how much everyone seems to love Scarabs. I don't know if they're as good as people say, but they look cool and I want some.
Getting enough bases can be problematic, however. You get 3 bases per 12 warriors, and that's just with 4 scarabs per base. I want something a bit more swarm like, but I'm not sure I want to go the casting route, as cool as that looks.
I had a look around for alternative miniatures, and discovered that some of the recent Tomb Kings releases came with scarab beetle decorative bitz. While they decidedly non-robotic, I figure they'll look pretty good painted up the same as the regular scarabs; maybe an alternate make or model or something. I ordered some, and they arrived recently. Unfortunately they were a little smaller than I was anticipating, but I think they still might work scattered amongst the bigger bugs. What do you think?
I think they might be enough to let me spread my scarabs out a bit whilst still looking suitably swarm-like.
Bases are from Voodooworx by the way. I've not used resin bases before, but these ones were cheap enough to be affordable whilst also being pretty great quality. I am very impressed.


Space Hulk Enthusiast said...

Don't give up on the casting just yet. It's worth it in the end if you really want that swarm look to your models.

I won;t kid you, it can be lots of work, but it depends on what you want to spend... your time casting or your money getting more bits.

I like the smaller bugs on there, I think they'd make for a great addition to a nice swarm base to give another level of volume of bugs that crush the enemy.

ROn, From the Warp

Unknown said...

Check my blog as I recently posted some Scarab bases on there which I had cast with greenstuff. I got some stuff called instant mould. You just add hot water and it goes soft. I cast one side of the Scarab as I have them on the base. Very easy to do and you can make awesome swarms then.