Friday 10 June 2011

Haemonculi - not enough arms

I've posted about my plastic Haemonculi before. I was fairly content to leave them as they were. Not terribly exciting, but they would do the job. I've not been using them in my lists, but figure I might in the future so it was nice to have a few available.

The Talos kit is pretty fantastic. I've been told a lot of the parts are compatible with the Grotesques, but what got me excited were the small arms and other little bits that were on the frames. You can't really see it on GW's pictures, because all the little arms are tucked away under the Talos.

I took these parts and started glueing. It's a not a major difference from how she looked before, but the change in the miniature's profile really makes the mad surgeon stand out, I think.

She's also got me much more excited to paint her. Amazing what a difference a couple of extra arms can make!


Cursed13 said...

That definitely looks classy. Very nicely done. It would be hard to mistake that as anything but a Haemonculus.

I will say though, it's hard to make it all out when there's no spot light up front and is all black.

Andrew K said...

That little arm/claw is mildly disturbing. In which case, job done!