Thursday 27 May 2010

I've not been very productive lately. No reason in particular, but bouncing between so many different projects doesn't help.
Here's a few things on my desk i'm working on at the moment.

Chaos Blood Angel Counts As Assault Marine Sgt, or Raptor Champion, depending on what mood i'm in.
Gene Priest got some paint as well. I think the white might need a few more coats still.

I've also started on a bloodbowl team! Not terribly exciting, just a chaos warrior with the weapons hacked off. Going for a tzeentch themed team, so blues as opposed to my usual love affair with purple. Yes, I know, it's a massive change.

At last, a sure fire method of speed painting 10 dudes at once!


Dog Bites Back said...

Finally, you update your fucking blog. FUCK.

What other projects have you been involved in? Did you help Andrew rebuild Games Workshop? Fight a gorgonzola?

(I know that's a type of cheese, but how do I know it wasn't also a monster in 'Warhammer 3000'?)

Rob said...

polis gorgonzolas are not monsters they are a peace loving race of cheese-men.