Tuesday 13 April 2010

Welcome to a kind of amalgamation post that was written in various places over various weeks!

I've mentioned previously my work on the "counts as" blood angels.
Well, while this originally started as "make an Emperor's Children army using the BA codex", it's slowly turned into "make a new army using the BA codex that just so happens to share a bunch of miniatures with my EC".
So, I worked up the background in the previous post. If I have a lose alliance of chaos baddy types, each with his own style/tactics but likely to send allies and such to help the others, well, that seems like justification enough to run different codex lists but with the same basic troopers and vehicles showing up.

Anyway, I'm putting together the forces of Nam'Tar, the Fleshcrafter, mad doctor and warped genetic scientist. I'll be using the blood angels book, with sanguinary priests as his gene-priest apprentices, and death company as the weird mutant hybrids he creates. Nam'Tar himself will be a librarian, or maybe mephiston, depending on how many combat drugs he pumps into himself!

Here's the first draft of my list:

Nam'Tar, the Fleshcrafter
(Librarian, Jump Pack, Blood Lance and Unleash Rage powers)

Gene Priest
(1 Sanguinary Priest, Jump Pack, Power Weapon)

Tactical Squad
(10 Marines, Meltagun, Missile Launcher, Power Fist, Rhino)

Assault Squad
(10 Marines, 2 Flamers, Fist)

Assault Squad
(10 Marines, 2 Meltas, Power Sword)

Batch 001
(8 Death Company, 2 with Power Weapons, 2 with Power Fists, in a rhino)



1500 exactly

I tried it out for the first time tonight. Here's what critics had to say about the battle. Wait, no, it's just me again.

Played my first game with the BA codex against Necrons. Annihilation/Dawn of War. I went second and held everything in reserve. My 2 assault squads (with Librarian and Priest attached) would deep strike, my Baal would outflank, and the 2 rhinos and vindicator would rely on being fast to get them into the action.
All of the Necrons were in play when my forces began arriving, with 2 large units of warriors in the back right of the field, the monolith smashing down in the centre, and the various destroyers kind of hovering about the middle. I decided to focus my attack via the left flank, hopefully cutting down the small destroyer units first for easy kill points (well, easier than wading through hordes of warriors at least).
The rest of my forces that arrived a little later (Death Company and Vindicator) moved up the right flank as the remains of my initial attack wheeled around the monolith, forming a pincer movement against the warrior blocks.
The main brunt of my attack had been halted by a Destroyer Lord charging the Assault Squad with Priest, tying them up long enough to pop my bubble of Furious Charge/Feel No Pain, but I still did pretty well, the game ending with a draw, 5 KP each.
Here are some things I learnt from the game:

1) Blood Lance wasn't as good as I thought, but it'd probably be better against non-Necrons.

2) Unleash Rage (gives the librarian and the unit he's with Preferred enemy, i.e. can re-roll misses) is excellent!

3) Death Company are great. They ripped through everything they got into combat with, and feel no pain kept them alive throughout it all. I had wondered if 8 was too many, but I think it's enough that I can lose 1 or 2 and still be able to eat up most anything I charge.

4) Vindicator, as is usual for the thing, turned up late and didn't kill much. I still love it though!

5) This army is fast. Most of my army started on the left side of the battle, but I pretty comfortable made it to the opposite corner to dish out some slaaneshi fury.

6) Tactical Squad kind of sucked. I brought them on in the wrong place, so they spent most of the game driving around the board (really fast) not doing much. Tempting to swap them out for a 3rd assault squad, but I think the bolters would be pretty useful against CC heavy armies. I also don't want to specialise too much. We'll see.

Right, enough of all that jabbering. Picture time!

Started work on my Vindicator, finally!

Also a work in progress shot of Nam'Tar himself. He's actually just about ready for paint right now, but no pictures just yet.

His arms. The chainsword/narthecium is imposing enough to work as a force weapon, I hope. I also worked up a needle pistol.

Did I post any pictures here of my colour scheme for these guys? No? Here we go. Not too sure about the black being highlighted up to purple, I may just go back to straight grey.

Finally, a Gene-Priest. I've added a kind of robe/skirt of flayed skin around his legs using greenstuff since this picture.

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