Monday 2 January 2012

Unit Finished - Plastic Haemonculus Conversion

Happy New Year everyone!
Let's start 2012 off with a good one. A painted HQ choice!
I painted the robes all fleshy to begin with, but that just ended up looking weird. And by weird I mean terrible.
 More pictures and a quick how-to after the jump.

It was a pretty simple conversion. The front torso was a Reaver Jetbiker (for some reason you end up with a spare front torso with that kit) and the back was from a Wych box (a bit of cutting. It should be pretty simple to rustle up a spare torso from your bitz box. I went with the reaver one because unlike most others, you get a bit of, well, groin, which gives you a bit more freedom when sculpting the robes.

Tails are all the rage this season. Oh, you don't have one? Not really surprising.
The head is, I think, a Wych head with the hair shaved off, and the extra arms from the Talos kit. The tail came from a Deamonette. The torso was attached to the base using a bit of sprue to make sure the figure was at the correct height and facing. Green Stuff was used to build up the robes in a two step process.

I went with a flesh coloured whip because I like the idea that it's somehow alive. Maybe it's some poor Space Marine's spinal column turned into a weapon.
First step was rough, just to get the shape of the lower body. Step two involved rolling out a thin sheet of green stuff to cover the lower body and act as the robes. That's pretty much it. I have a couple more in the works, armed with different weapons.

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I like that, it's pretty cool. Nice work :)

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