Saturday 31 December 2011

Enemy Kabal WIP

Well, despite moving all the way to Tokyo, I'm lucky enough to have a good friend who lives pretty close by and plays 40k, even if he does play he exact same army as I do. What are the chances?

The really cool effect on the canopy is a transfer. The sails on his raiders will be getting something similar, but not identical.

More pictures after the jump!

Test miniature. All the Wyches have the same helmet...
Anyway, I though I should post some pictures of his work in progress Kabal. He's basically batch painting the entire army, which has understandably taken some time but will no doubt feel incredibly satisfactory once it's done. you can see here.

Test warrior, almost done.

We've not managed to get a game in yet, but the time is soon. Expect plenty of pictures when we do. I think our Dark Eldar civil war should look pretty good!

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