Saturday 17 December 2011

Airbrushin' and a WIP Talos

Ok, so, not many posts recently, but there has been a lot of hobby progress behind the scenes. I've tidied up and based everything that's painted so far, and the whole thing is looking a bit like a proper army now. Pics incoming soon! I'm quite close to breaking the back of the lot of them as well; one more Warrior squad and a second raider and I'll have a good, fully painted core. Then I can start work on the more interesting units like my Incubi or maybe some Scourges.

Not pictured: 2 hours spent trying to figure out why the airbrush wasn't working properly. Again.

Anyway, this week I had a pretty good hobby day. I went over to my buddy's house, and got busy with his airbrush. The end result, a nice smooth coat of red on 2 raiders and a ravager. I also picked up a Venom and a Razorwing fighter, which unfortunately were not assembled in time to get a similar coat of red.

"Argle Grarble Grarble" - sound tactical advice from the brilliant mind of the Talos
I've been working on a Talos, as well. I'm quite convinced it will get murdered immediately every game, but I don't care. It's a fantastic kit.


That Guy said...

Good to see some dark eldar around the hoidays, and do you mind of (in the previous post) I steal the idea of changing the wytches hair color.
P.S: loving the red on the raiders, keep up the good work

Rob said...

Thanks for the compliment!
Go for it, crazy hair colour is very Dark Eldar!