Monday 9 January 2012

Unit Finished - Wyches

Here's my first squad of Wyches. As mentioned before, each of my Wych squads will have different coloured hair to make them easy to differentiate on the battlefield. In my experience by about turn 3 I often have a few minis left from one Wych squad and 5 or 6 from the other all in one combat, so it will be good to be able to tell the units apart easily. These guys are pink, obviously, and the next unit will be green.

 More pics after the jump

Agonizers, along with any power weapons, will be nice and vivid.

I made this rune up myself. I need to work on my freehanding.

Basic man. He has a cool mask so he got an individual picture.

The red spines breaks up all the grey across most of the bodysuit.

When not engaged in drug fueled fights to the death, she enjoys cosplaying as Ivy from Soul Calibur.



redmanphill said...

You seem to be getting a lot finished lately! Much left to do?

I am waiting to see this fabled new edition before I recommence with my Orks. I am looking forward to some more 40k, so I hope the edition lives up to the hype.

Warflake said...

Fantastic work bud, the bases look great and Wyches look even better really work well.

Unknown said...

Very nice. I like the colors, and the snow on the bases really adds to complement the dark colors of their armor. I like the hair color changes for the different squads. It does get difficult to differentiate after a few turns.

Rob said...

@phil: It seems like I've been speeding through them, but honestly I had a backlog of painted stuff and just based them all up at once. So new units will slow down somewhat now. You should paint some Orks anyway because Orks are fun to paint :D
@Warflake: Thanks! I'm still not fully happy with the snow mixture I've been using. Will keep experimenting I think.
@eldaraddict: all my "regular" troops such as warriors or Raider crew have blue hair, but the Wyches add a bit of variety

redmanphill said...

I used Woodlands Scenics stuff for snow. I mixed it into a thick paste with PVA so that I could apply it with a cocktail stick. Then I sprinkled some fresh stuff over the top. That was the best way I found to do the snow bases on my Orcs.