Monday 24 January 2011

DE Webway List ideas

Ok, so at the moment my Dark Eldar are a fairly standard mechanized list. Everyone in boats, boats get them where they need to be.
However, since I first saw the Dark Eldar codex I've had a hankering to try a webway portal based army. It looks like it would be fun and unique to play. Less vehicles to paint wouldn't hurt either!

Working off some of the rumours as to what's going to be in the next wave of DE miniatures, I built the following list. 1500, naturally.

"Wave 1"
2 Haemonculi, each with webway portals, liquifier guns (95 each)

2 lots of 9 warriors, blaster and a raider (156 each)

Ravager (105)

"Wave 2"

Archon, Agoniser, Shadow Field, Combat drugs, Haywire Grenades (125)

15 Wyches, Haywire Grenades, Hekatrix with Agoniser (210)

6 Reavers, 2 Heat Lances, 2 Cluster Caltrops (196)

5 Scourges, 2 Haywire Blasters (130)

Talos Chain Flails, Extra CC Weapon, TL Haywire blaster (130)

Cronos Spirit Vortex (100)

1498 total

Some of the wargear probably needs tightening up, and I'm not sure about the scourges, but overall it looks like it would be a fun list to play. What do you guys think?

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