Saturday 2 October 2010

Tokyo Blogging

Well, here I am. 10pm local time, sitting in a cyber cafe messing about on the internet. An hour in here actually turned out a lot cheaper than buying a phone card to ring home as well! The keyboard keeps trying to make me type in Kanji though. I do not know Kanji, so this is a problem.

We landed yesterday, and the 11 hour flight kicked our assess a lot harder than anticipated. Getting lost in the middle of Tokyo didn't help much. Still, when in doubt, hail a cab. Tokyo is so crazy. It's busy, of course, but it's so intense. With the multi level arcades and shrines hidden away in between shops, everywhere you look there's something different going on. It's awesome!

Yesterday evening, just before passing out, we made a list of all the stereotypes and cliches that might come to mind when you think of Japan that we'd already seen/experienced.
Overly confusing toilet? Check.
Japanese School girls in sailor outfits? Check.
Japanese School boy with satchel slung over one shoulder? Check.
Engrish? Check (Best so far is Jamocan Coffee)
Lady in Kimono? Check.
Cute cartoon animals? Check.
Gloriously atractive hair all round? Check.
Packed but orderly subways? Check.
Stern looking Japanese doctor with a facemask? Check.
Arm bands signifying someone in a position of authority? Check.

The best one, however, is the television. Specificially the adverts. Beyond parody, everything you can imagine is true.
I love it!

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