Sunday 5 July 2015

40k day

Played some 40k today!
Marines and Marines vs the new Dark Angels, Orks and a Knight. Massive amounts of destruction on both sides. The new DA psychic powers seem pretty good.

After his Thunderfire cannon was destroyed, the Techmarine attempts to claim his vengeance on the Knight. He is not very successful.

Tacticals facing down the approaching Ork horde.

Ironclad strides from his Drop Pod unleashing double heavy flamers into the Orks. As the smoke clears, the Orks counter assault.

The Knight punches a Land Raider to death before picking it up and throwing at some nearby tactical marines. They survive, somehow!


...and after. Assault Terminators charging some Dreads. 4A base and taking them in squadrons makes Dreads pretty good now I think!

1 comment:

greggles said...

Smoke photos is awesome...and good on that techmarine. Had the knight somehow wiffed it's attacks, the tech marine would have murdered him!