Monday 2 March 2015

Infinity - Painting terrain

One of the big things about Infinity is having a good table. For the first few demo games I was using my 40k stuff, but it wasn't a great fit. Not just aesthetically, but being different sorts of games the ruins didn't really work so well. 40k terrain is fairly abstract, but in Infinity it needs to be much more solid.
With that in mind, I decided to get a whole load of new terrain, because I honestly need very little excuse to buy more hobby junk. I'd been eyeing up CNC miniatures for a long time. They do some amazing stuff and this seemed like the perfect chance to order a bunch of their kits. Expensive (it's an Australian company) but great design and loads of extra little design bits with each kits; doors, windows, vents of various shapes and sizes.
Anyway, I finally finished building and painting the first building. This was also my first go at graffiti. Simple, but adds a nice splash of colour. I'll be adding more on future buildings for sure!

1 comment:

greggles said...

The grime and streaks really sell the building. Nice job!