Tuesday 16 December 2014

Infinity - ALEPH Sophotect and helper bot

Sophotects are ALEPH's doctor/engineer unit. These days, each faction has a very nice support pack with a doctor, engineer and some helper bots in. However this Sophotect dates from before then, so I had no Yudbot helpers. Unbound from the constraints of box sets I decided to use the Nomad Fastpanda figure as my helper robot buddy. Because hey, who wouldn't want a cute panda stitching them up after they get riddled with bullets? It7s enough to make you want to get hit with a HMG, right? No? Just me?
Blue haired cyborg dr lady and mini robot assistant. This is possibly the most Anime thing I've ever done.

1 comment:

greggles said...

Great whites! I like that purple edging/wash with the white. Looks great.