Sunday 30 November 2014

My workspace

It's been a while!
Recently, I moved to a new apartment, so I've been getting my new work space set up. Also my order for a bunch of ALEPH stuff arrived, so I've been building that. I hate working with metal. Plastic for life.

Anyway, everything is built now and I can get back to painting.
Here's where I work these days:
I need to get myself some srot of paint rack still

Here's what's I'm working on:

ALEPH Sophotect. Just the face/hair to go.
Finally, here's the view from my window. Not a bad backdrop, huh?


greggles said...

I dislike metal as well. I've learned to treat it like resin. Make sure you wash it and fully dry it before priming...makes things so much nicer. Nothing like getting 3/4 of the way through a metal model and having the primer flake off :(.

Rob said...

Yeah, it can be infuriating at times!