Friday 12 September 2014

Tau custom objective markers WIP

I've only played a few games of 7th so far but it's a lot of fun with the Maelstrom missions. It really makes the game much more dynamic and keeps things interesting until the end.

Who doesn't love a dead Tau? The pic quality isn't so good but I really like the way his pistol ended up posed in his open hand.

Anyway, so far we've been using dice to mark objectives but they inevitably get picked up, rolled, knocked over or whatever. So, I thought it was time to make some custom objectives to give something more interesting to fight over.

Wrecked battlesuit

Tau War Reporter. My new pathfinder unit in the background.

Bringing you the latest news for the Greater Good!

Join us after the break when we have an exclusive interview with an enemy Hive Tyrant

I ran out of good ideas for the last two, so here's some sort of shield generator and an equipment dump. Yeah, they're basically the special drones from the Pathfinder box upside down.


greggles said...

Very nice markers. Especially like the "interviewing firewarrior!"

Nice use of extra bits!

Rob said...

Thanks! Yeah, he's fun :) I can't wait to paint them.