Tuesday 11 September 2012

Iron Hands Deathwatch Marine

One of my friends at a forum I frequent is in the midst of a pretty cool project. A Deathwatch marine army, where each member of the community paints up their own marine, and then mails it back to him. They chose their chapter and paint it according to their own style and skill. The army will be getting a unifying set of resin bases once it's done. I think it's going to look pretty cool. It' will be using the Grey Knights rules to represent the fact that each marine is an individual, and the elite/weird/specialist loadout of each guy.
Anyway, as my Imperial Chapter of choice is the Indomitable Iron Hands, I had no choice. Here's my marine!
The whole army will be getting resin bases, so he's just super glued on there. I slopped some Citadel Texture paint on quickly for the photo tho.

I think his bionic arm and servo harness both holding up the Heavy Bolter counteracts the hugeness of the gun a little.

His servo arm isn't glued on at the moment for ease of posting, which is why it's at a bit of a funny angle.

He's a counts-as Paladin I think, so the Heavy Bolter represents a Psycannon and the Hammer represents...a hammer. To be honest I'm not too familiar with the GK. It's definitely a rule-of-cool type situation though.

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