Saturday 29 October 2011

Necron Previews and 6th ed posibilites?

So, the Necrons are officially up for advance order. They looks awesome, and the plastic kits have so many bits. I love bits. Expect Necrons to show up on this blog sooner or later (probably sooner, I'm impatient).

Anyway, I don't normally post rumours and the like, but there are some interesting tit bits to be gleaned from some of the unit descriptions. Check this one out, from the Heavy Destroyer description.
Your Heavy Destroyers can also be used to give you an advantage in the deployment phase. By deploying a Heavy Destroyer first you can wait and see where your opponent puts his own choice before committing a more expensive unit like a Monolith. Again, using a single Heavy Destroyer, you can push your opponent right back into his deployment zone. By deploying your Heavy Destroyer as far forward as possible you will force your opponent to deploy his units 24" back into his own table half, your Heavy destroyer can then turbo boost to a more sensible position on the first turn.
New deployment phase for 6th edition? 6th Edition imminent? Sounds pretty probable to me.

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Javier said...

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Where did you find this rumour? looks very interesting

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