Thursday 14 April 2011

Plastic Incubi

Hey guys!
I've been pretty busy lately, as, I'm moving in a few days. Going overseas to Japan! I've set up a second blog which will detail my adventures. Digital Wastrel will stay focussed on hobby type stuff. I mentioned before, but I shall be bringing my Dark Eldar with me. While i'm not sure how much gaming I'll get to do out there, hopefully I'll be more focussed and actually make some progress on painting. More updates than usual? Stay tuned to find out...

Anyway, before packing them away I sat down and finished up all the half finished units that had been cluttering up my desk. First of these was my Incubi. I came up with this prototype ages ago (and not even on my own blog apparently!), but finally gathered the bits to make an entire unit. I ended up going with Hellion weapons. With both ends painted up as power weapons the unit should stand out from my other warriors nicely.

Not sure how I'll be running these guys, but a unit of 6 should be plenty, especially as they'll be hanging with my Archon. Looking forward to getting them all painted! I went with fairly subdued poses which I think works better for the whole cold and brooding menace thing they have going on (plus I didn't have any Wych legs spare). The guy at the top of the post is my Klaivex. His pose took me a while to get looking right (considering it wasn't very complicated), but I quite like the way he turned out. My favourite in the unit though is below.

I've got a couple more blog posts written up, so expect more over the weekend!


Tame said...

Very nice!

I almost did the same thing, but decided at the last minute it would look too similar to my Hellions and Trueborns (who are already using the wyches/reavers helmet) and got the metal models instead. Seeing those conversions... mmm, maybe I'll change my mind.

Are you going to convert the arms so that they are armored as well, or leave them like this ?

Dalinair said...

Nice, I like allot, a good use of the helmet heads too, good work :)

Rob said...

Thanks guys :)
@Tame I'll probably keep them as they are. The fleshy/sleeved arms will give them a bit more distinction from basic Warriors (plus I have no idea how to armour them up without it looking terrible!)