Saturday 19 February 2011


Yeah, I know. Tau?
Anyway, I've been inspired by some wonderful converted battlesuits from around the net, and after proxying a tau list on monday I decided to have a go and make some of my own.
The conversion is essentially copied outright from a dude online named Tael. His site is here, and this is his thread on Advanced Tau Tactica. Both are a few years old so you might have run across them before, but very much worth a look.

Anyway, this is my effort. A WIP Broadside.


El_Pineapple said...

I like the beefed up look, what's the cannon on its shoulder?

Oh and I am loving the old school warriors :)

Rob said...

Parts from a Tau burst cannon, necron heavy gauss thingy, and some chaos smoke launcher parts