Sunday 17 October 2010


Slowly creeping towards my first 500 points of painted skaven. More rats have been painted, namely the first unit of clan rats. Not very exciting, but I'm hoping quantity will make up for the fairly basic paint job on these guys.

Finished unit of Rat Ogres. In my next 500 point block I plan to bump this unit up to 6. As a long time Dark Elf player I've never really had the chance to play about with monstrous infantry, and I think a mob of these guys barrelling across the battlefield will be great fun.

First weapon team done!

Up next are my Warpfire Thrower, and Chieftain Rattagantz himself. Then it's back to more clan rats!

Also, a quick note on bases. At present they're just a grey drybrush and nothing more, but at some stage in the future I intend to go back and fancy them up a bit with some flock or something. For now however I'm concentrating on speed over fanciness!


redmanphill said...

Looking great! Hope to see more soon...

Andrew K said...

Liking the near-albino look of your Rat Ogres. Also - how did you paint your warpstone?

I'll have to put up a pic of my Skavensmen too.

Rob said...


Warpstone is Dark Angel Green base, Goblin Green mixed in to highlight it, and then at a very specific point (chosen almost at random) I start mixing in white. Final highlight is minty green, almost pure white.
I've painted a few different bits of warpstone now, and i think keeping the contrast between dark and light more vivid works the best.