Monday 22 February 2010

Orkz orkz orkz orkz

Ok, so, after a good few weeks of playing and messing around with different units and all that stuff, I'm mostly set on my standard Marine list!
Even better, that means I have around 12 infantry, 2 and a half vehicles, plus a thunderfire cannon to paint, and I'll be able to put down a fully painted 2k army! Despite playing since 1st edition, this is something I've never been able to manage.

Obviously, this week I was hit by the overwhelming desire to paint Orks instead. Here we go with the pictures!

For those who don't know, my orkz are freeboota pirates. I'm not going [i]too [/i]overboard with converting every little thing to be pirate themed, but the core of the force will be full of peg legs and eyepatches.
Did a little more work on Kaptin Dedeye, my warboss. He's close to finished now, I just need to do his hat and coat, and then a few details.

I finished this guy. He still needs basing, of course. Thinking of sticking with the basic grey gravel look, with a bit of grass on top perhaps. Anyway, he's an ex-snakebite nob, now serving as Dedeye's "minda", when things get rough (which they do frequently). I think I overdid the scratched metal on him. I'll tone it down for future orks.

Progressing through the rest of the nobz mob. Behold, his greenstuff beard! Yeah, I converted this guy a while ago now and the beard looks pretty rough. Never mind. I also went for a stripey shirt, which turned out way more purple than anticipated. I think it looks ok, but I dunno if he's that pirate-y.

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