Monday 24 November 2008

A discovery.

There's a button at the top of my screen when I am in Blogger that is called "next blog".
I assumed that when pressed it would direct my browser to the next blog that I own, or perhaps the next blog on my watch list.
I have just pressed it, and apparently it takes me to a guy's spanish blog in which he posts pictures of him jerking off.
That is not what I expected the button to do.


Dog Bites Back said...

Pablo El Guincho is a LEGEND.

Rob said...

Raf4cam actually. I imagine if that was ever to be written on a sign the 4 would be backwards.

Loaf said...

What the hell?! is that the infamous 'jerk off blog' I hear so many people rave about D:

Rob said...

There is bound to be many of them scattered across the internet