Wednesday 7 November 2012

500pts Necrons vs Dark Eldar

Earlier this week I ran a short intro game of 40k for a friend who's just starting out.
My goal was to showcase a few different unit types and give a general feel for how things interact with other things.
Simple stuff but everything was painted so I took some pictures!
This pretty much sums up how the game went. The Dark Eldar get gunned down by the Necrons with very little robotic casualties in return.

After murdering the Haemonculus in single combat the Overlord takes on the Hekatrix.

The Talos spent most of the game chasing after the Annihilation Barge. He eventually ripped off both it's weapons before getting shot down by the Immortals.

The Dark Eldar claim a single victory amongst their piles of dead; The remaining Wyches take down the Overlord. As the only 4 Dark Eldar left on he battlefield we called it here.

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