Friday 7 September 2012

Unit Finished - Harbinger of Destruction

Well, here's another painted Cryptek for you. The first of 3 Harbingers of Destruction! I decided these guys will be mostly metal and I'll let the multiple glowy bits add interest to the miniature. Keeping the shoulders metallic means they don't get lost in the unit they join so much.
The blade on his weapon was originally turquoise blue but it didn't work at all.

The things on his shoulders double as glowsticks whenever he goes to a rave. Which is never because he's an angry death robot.


docbungle said...


IDICBeer 40k said...

I really like this guy, he looks great. I think he would benifit from a wash in the recesses though, it's really highlighted in the pic showing the back of his lower legs

Rob said...

Thanks guys!
Yeah, you're right about the legs.
It's a pretty speedy paint scheme, and sometimes the metallic spray goes on a bit thick. I'll probably go back and fix those parts later...probably :D