Monday 6 August 2012

Unit Finished - Necron Scarabs

These guys were nice and quick to paint. "paint" may be overestimating things, however I did spend a fair amount of time on the bases ;)
"Delicious, eh Shrapnel?"

Fairly standard scarabs, although you may notice a few mini scarabs from the tomb kings sprues as space fillers.


MCT said...

looking nice, i gave up on my Necrons, I found the models a bit to fiddly. Started my Cacharodons though and becky has started some dark eldar too

The Eye of Error said...

I really like them, I think the mini scarabs look cool as filler too. Not fully nano grown scarabs yet..but still hungry :P

rfd said...

Hey rob I just found the site and like your work especially the talos. I am currently working on one and wanted to know how you painted the vials they are fantastic!

Rob said...

Thanks guys!
@rfd which parts do you mean?