Saturday 28 July 2012

Harbinger of the Storm - Cryptek Conversion

So, I'm buildiing the final few figures needed to finish off my Necron army. Final few until I decide to add in more wraiths (very likely) or my group arbitarily decides to change points values (again very likely). The last few I need at the moment, however, are the Crypteks. I already made my Harbinger of Despair and my Harbinger of Destruction with solar pulse, but i need a few more plasmancers to add to my units. While building them, I had the urge to make a Harbinger of the Storm. I'm not sure he'll see much use (I'm not sure I need the extra anti tank so the higher S and range of the destruction teks seems more useful right now), but I built him anyway. It's always nice to have options!

Bzzzt bzzzt zap aeiiiiiii

Anyway, like my other Crypteks I'm avoiding the standard staff look. I'd rather stick to a hi-tech look for my robots. More Robot, less Space Undead for me. Anyway, for the Voltaic Staff I figured a pair of short range electro-gauntlets would do the job. What do you think?
Voltaic Gauntlets are made from left over parts from the Annihilation Barge crew


IDICBeer 40k said...

He looks cool, nice one

Untoten said...
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