Friday 26 November 2010

Sybarite Fashion; Winter collection

Just a quick post for you, I'll get something more substantial up over the weekend.

When assembling my Kabalite warrior squads, weapon choice was a bit of a problem. Internet group think can give me some ideas, but how do I know what load outs will suit me best? What do I arm my Sybarites with? Do I even want the Sybarite upgrade at all? Knowing what unit upgrades I can afford in my army list is problematic when I'm still figuring out what units I'll be using in the first place.

The answer was a bit of everything. I made sure both my Kabalite leaders were armed with Splinter Rifles so I can field them as fancy-looking-but-ultimately-regular-warriors. I also didn't want to waste any power swords or anything on them. Gotta ration out my bits for making cool characters. In the end I gave each a swinging chain blade from the Wych kit, which I think works as an agoniser if I have the points to spend.

Plus dudes loaded down with weapons look awesome.

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