Tuesday 30 November 2010

More DE HQs

Not started painting any of them yet, but I've been assembling Dark Eldar for ages and ages, it seems!
Anyway, most are standard so I won't bore you with pictures, but I have been messing with HQs.

Here's my first. She was originally meant to be an Archon, but she came out looking a lot more...nude than I was imagining to begin with. I think she'll make a pretty good succubus though.

I decided I needed an actual Archon still. At the moment she's just blu-tacked together so I can see how the pose etc looks. Thoughts? Not sure about her right arm either. Maybe a blast pistol?


Quaade said...

I'd have her sight down the length of the blade with the right arm holding a gun in the typical upright position as provided by the kit.

This would give her a menacing top down pose when put against other models to that would broadcast an "I'm coming for you!" vibe

Rob said...

Hmmm, that's a pretty good idea, thanks!
It changes the dynamic of the figure and gets her a bit further away from "random DE hanging off the side of the raider" territory too.
I'll have a play and see what works.

samson said...

I like the pose, if you want to get crazy maybe an extended arm holding a crystal skull or other form of soul trap for the right arm. I wanted to do the same but aside from sculpting it the only hand I could find holding a skull was on a necromancer from GW, who knows how chunky the hand is too. But yeah maybe an extended soul trap if you swing that way :)

Rob said...

Think I'll stick with a weapon of some sort, however that is a good idea. You could steal one of the hands from the Raider pilot, cut it off and turn it over, and place a skull in there.