Wednesday 14 October 2009

It arrived, as is usual for such things, during a firefight involving orks

The not-quite saga of my application for a trainee studio writer's job definitively ended last night with a text from my brother; the process has ended without anyone being hired. The reasons for this are unknown. Perhaps everyone else was rubbish? My knowledge of people leads me to conclude this the most likely explanation.
This information at least gives me a little joy. I didn't get the job, so no-one else should. Schadenfreude* aside, I suppose there exists the chance the job will some day be re-opened for applications. Another chance to apply would certainly be welcome. Learning from my defeat, I have surely levelled up to such a degree that victory is a possible, no, the probable outcome.

Whatevs though, my doggs. The trip to the frozen wastes of Canada draws ever closer. I wonder if you have to wrestle the polar bear before or after you go through customs? Soon I will know.

*does it really count if the others are nameless faceless supposed entities? Also shut up scadenfreude is a word I use everyday for reals

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Loaf said...

I hear you have to wrestler SEVERAL polar bears.