Tuesday 25 August 2009

A mystery

A friend on facebook posts a general link to a crappy looking world war two themed webgame. He does this a lot. Fantasy themed games. Mafia themed games. Nothing new, nothing noteworthy. A reply though, from someone I do not know:
"I've already expressed my feelings to you on this."
His name is unfamiliar to me, his profile picture face stern and humourless. The background dark, although vague suggestions of a party are present. Who is this man? What are his feelings, and why must he tell the world about it in such a passive aggressive manner? Is it the WW2 theme he takes such umbridge at?
Maybe his beef lies with webgames in general.
Perhaps this is the final straw in their relationship.
A drama unfolds, the likes of which we can only guess at.

1 comment:

MCT said...

I noticed that, i thought it was a strange, maybe a closet nazi or a man scarred by too many poor quality facebook games.

we may never know, or we could start playing it and keep inviting him to play it every hour of everyday.

who knows maybe we will end up responsible for being the trigger responsible for the biggest gun massacre the world has ever seen