Thursday 9 October 2008

Noo Yoik

Tonight there was a TV show on where Griff Rhys Jones explored/talked about New York, and I realised that I will be there in just over two weeks, which is hugely exciting! (Others will be there with me of course, but this aint their blog, and thus they are unimportant) This may be a notable event for the fact that OMG I actually turned on the television (TV, YouTube for old people) but i'm mainly writing this because hot damn do I like New York. Only been once of course, but it has a feel to it that draws me. Too many comic books/action movies probably.

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Dog Bites Back said...

YOU LUCKY *******************

(I'da done fifty on account of there being 50 stars on the US flag, but I didn't wanna sit here counting, did I?)