Friday 24 April 2015

Ironclad Dreadnaught and Drop Pod

A lot of my hobby time recently has gone into a Space Marine army. For various reasons I decided this time I'd go with a self made chapter. The main reason is it allows me to use miniatures from multiple other chapters and fight other Imperial factions, as I can tweak the fluff to suit whatever.

I went with a silver and blue scheme, inspired somewhat by the Astral Claws scheme. It's fast to paint, looks pretty good and is fairly bright compared to my previous Iron Hands marine army.

Chapter name and symbol are still TBC.

I've made several attempts to photograph my progress, but capturing the blue has been difficult. Today I had some time and there was a bit of sun so I used natural lighting. Much better! Not perfect, but not too bad.


greggles said...

Blue looks great rob! Nice work!

Jet said...

Insanely cool! How do you do such smooth metal effects?